Cosmetic gynaecology can mean a wide variety of different things to different people. You may have heard terms such as “labiaplasty” in passing – but what do they actually mean? It might be surprising to hear, but there are a number of procedures available that might just revolutionise your intimate life tremendously. Below, we explore a number of these treatments and take a look at their potential impact on the recipient’s life.


Labiaplasty and Hoodectomy

We’ll start with possibly the most famous. A labiaplasty, in simple terms, is a reduction of the labia minora, or the fleshy flaps of skin either side of the vaginal opening. There are many reasons to opt for this form of surgery, including – but not limited to – being unsatisfied with the way the area looks. Some women find that the size or shape of their labia causes irritation and can even lead to infections such as thrush. Another surgical option along similar lines is the “hoodectomy”. This involves the reshaping of the clitoral hood. One may also opt to undergo this procedure for a purely aesthetic reason, but having a clitoral hood of the wrong size and shape may also result in infection and may even reduce the possibility of sexual pleasure and satisfaction in many women.


Vaginal Rejuvenation

Two major elements within the field of vaginal rejuvenation are vaginoplasty and vaginal tightening. Both types of surgery are regularly required by women who wish to improve their sexual lives – as a weakening of vaginal tone may result in diminished sensation and sometimes pain during intimacy, and therefore a lack of pleasure. Some women are born with this problem, while others develop it after childbirth or as a result of the aging process. A generalised vaginoplasty can tackle intimate laxity in a number of different tissues, while vaginal tightening is usually more localised, but both usually involve laser surgery.



This is a treatment that many may not yet be aware of, and its implications throughout the world of cosmetic gynaecology are huge! Perfect for those who wish for a change but are averse to going under the knife, THERMIva is a groundbreaking procedure involving a temperature controlled radio frequency system that harnesses heat energy to prompt the production of collagen within specific intimate areas, strengthening the structure of the tissue and firming up problem spots. Not only can THERMIva assist in fixing issues with orgasmic dysfunction and help to tighten the vaginal area, but it can also be used to treat low libidos, vaginal dryness and even mild to moderate incontinence! THERMIva is a dream come true for many women who have struggled with their conditions in silence until now.


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