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Welcome to MAS Gynaecology, we are committed to providing all patients with a high quality of care. As a private Gynaecologist, MAS Gynaecology aims to promote the health and well-being of women, ensuring that they receive the most suitable treatment to improve their quality of life.

With Gynaecology clinics widespread across various locations in South East London, MAS Gynaecology can provide an extensive range of services, including treatments for personal issues like complicated pregnancies and incontinence. We also offer a wide range of cosmetic gynaecology procedures.

THERMIva treatment

MAS Gynaecology are proud to be able to offer the exciting THERMIva treatment. THERMIva vaginal rejuvenation helps women who are experiencing vaginal symptoms such as laxity, dryness and bladder symptoms.  The straight-forward procedure uses gentle heating of the skin and mucosa to initiate it’s effect and is carried out without the need for an anaesthetic.

Visit our decidicated THERMIva page to find out more!

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