Each day we move closer to a better world of female empowerment and one of the areas that we should be able to discuss openly is our sexual appearance and pleasure. Sex isn’t just an event for men but something we should look forward to as well.

But as we age our sexual organs, and in this context, our vaginas lose elasticity, become stretched and can appear discoloured, which can lead us to lose confidence in our appearance as well as reduce the pleasure we feel during intercourse with our partner. And it’s not only age that can cause such changes in our body, but the events of childbirth can leave our vaginal walls damaged and loose.

But what has become one of the most popular and perfect solutions to rejuvenate our bodies and deal with these concerns while empowering us as women in our sexual prowess is the vaginoplasty also referred to as vaginal rejuvenation.

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Am I Too Old For Vaginoplasty Treament?

Vaginoplasties in most cases are a completely elective surgery, and due to that one of the most common questions we receive is

“Am I too old for a vaginoplasty?” 

The simple answer is no. Age in most cases is not a factor on your suitability for vaginal rejuvenation, rather the state of your health is. Vaginoplasty candidates need to be in good overall health with no cardiovascular conditions, as due to the use of general anaesthetic, these factors can add risk to the surgery.

What are the benefits of vaginoplasty?

As we mentioned earlier as we age, and after childbirth our vaginas can lose their tone and firmness, but a vaginoplasty works to tighten the opening and walls of the vagina providing a number of health benefits both physical and mental.


– The loosening of the vaginal opening and walls especially through childbirth, can lead to a number of health concerns such as urinary incontinence, where a simple laugh or sneeze can cause urine to leak. And though in most cases a vaginoplasty is an elective treatment, the original development of the procedure was to help treat those who suffered from vaginal deformities such as vaginal agenesis, in which the vaginal canal doesn’t form at all, though uncommon these issues can prevent women from having a regular and enjoyable sex life.

"After my Vaginoplasty, I feel like I was given a new lease of life! Age doesn't matter, but your well-being does! I'm so glad I had a Vaginoplasty"


– One of the main benefits of a vaginoplasty, and the reason more and more women are electing to have the procedure, is to help empower us in our sex lives.

The widening of the vaginal canal through ageing and childbirth can make it difficult for women to feel the same pleasure we once did through intercourse, often making it difficult for women to orgasm through sex. But by tightening the vaginal muscles, through vaginal rejuvenation, we can boost our sexual confidence and pleasure.


– Speaking of boosting sexual confidence, another major benefit of vaginoplasty procedures is they can raise a woman’s self-esteem. After childbirth, it is quite common for women not to feel in control of the changes happening to our body, and post-natal depression is a common occurrence.

But choosing to have a vaginoplasty can give us some sense of control back in our lives, as we choose to do something for ourselves.

And with the aforementioned physical and sexual benefits vaginal rejuvenation can bring, it can also help to boost our confidence and self-esteem, massively improving our mental health.

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So, if you’re wanting to empower yourself, boosting both your physical and mental health, then no matter how old you are, a vaginoplasty is the perfect solution. But as with any elective surgery, it is only ever as good as your medical practitioner, and here at MAS Gynaecology we’re proud to home our Consultant Gynaecologist Mr Masood, with over two decades of Obstetrics and Gynaecology practice and a specialist in vaginal rejuvenation, you can rest assured that your body is in safe hands and that you’ll receive only the highest quality care from both Mr Masood and the rest of the MAS Gynaecology team.