Hoodectomy or Labiaplasty

At MAS Gynaecology we offer a vast range of Cosmetic Gynaecology treatments. Amongst our most popular are a Hoodectomy and Labiaplasty. There are many reasons why a woman may choose to undergo either procedure, while at our private gynaecology clinic in London we make sure our patients enter into a calming, sensitive environment, where their case in always dealt with in the most delicate of manners.

Why Cosmetic Gynaecology?

Cosmetic gynaecology procedures like a hoodectomy and labiaplasty are used change the appearance of a women’s sexual organs if they are uncomfortable or unhappy with how they look. Natural changes of these organs can occur due a woman’s age, if they have gone through childbirth or if they have lost weight. However, the procedures we can perform here at MAS allow women to feel more confident with their reshaped and rejuvenated body.

Hoodectomy and Labiaplasty Differences

While both procedures fall into the cosmetic gynaecology category, they are in fact quite different from each other. Each has various benefits and advantages, while they also vary in how they are performed and the time they take. See each treatment in detail below.

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Hoodectomy Surgery

A hoodectomy, which can also be referred to as a clitoral hood reduction, lessens the number of additional skin folds in the clitoral hood. An intricate treatment, our patients can rest assured they are in safe hands with our consultant gynaecologist Mr Masood, who specialises in aesthetic gynaecology.

The procedure involves small trimmings and incisions of the excess skins folds. This creates a neater appearance of the vagina and it is performed under a general anaesthetic. An obvious benefit to the hoodectomy is that it improves the appearance of the women’s genitals, but another advantage is that the surgery itself is very quick compared to other procedures and the recovery time is also very short. You will only be in surgery for around half an hour and any post-procedure discomfort or mild soreness should normally recede in a few days.

A woman may choose to have a hoodectomy if they experience pain or discomfort due to the excess skin causing chafing against their clothes, while they also may experience an increased sexual functionality once a hoodectomy has been performed.

Difference between Hoodectomy or Labiaplasty
Choosing a Hoodectomy or Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty Surgery

A woman will choose to have Labiaplasty to reduce the size of their labia minora. These are the skin flaps which are on either side of the vaginal opening. Women may consider labiaplasty if they feel that their labia are not symmetrical, or they think it is misshapen.

An oversized labia can cause health and hygiene problems as it provides a place to harbour bacteria which is another reason to undergo this procedure. It can also impact sexual stimulation.

Labiaplasty surgery, again performed under a general anaesthetic, involves making trims to the edge of the labia to provide a neater look and to reduce the amount of excess skin in that area.

It takes between an hour and two hours to complete and, similarly to the hoodectomy, has a recovery time of just a few days. Any swelling or pain should subside in this time while for both procedures a return to normal activities should be possible in 4-6 weeks.

It is commonly known for women to undergo labiaplasty alongside a hoodectomy to reap the benefits of both procedures. To see if you are suitable for either treatment you can arrange a consultation at MAS Gynaecology. To do this you can contact us by calling 0782 597 0530.