Dr Katharina Schramm is a female gynaecologist at MAS Gynaecology. In 2003, Katharina graduated from the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität in Heidelberg, Germany. An illustrious university, it is in fact Germany’s oldest university. As well as this, she was also awarded a PhD/MD from Basel University in Switzerland three years later in 2006.

Along with her time completing substantial amounts of research at two world renowned universities, Katharina has also completed an internship with the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Geneva. There she perfomed work and further research focused on the topic congenital anomalies. She has also performed research on topics such as ectopic pregnancies, HIV/Aids and can therefore help couples with low-risk pregnancies.

Katharina then worked, trained and qualified as an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at hospitals in the both in London and in Berlin, Germany. Following on from this, in 2014, she then completed an extensive two-year fellowship programme alongside world-leading fetal-maternal expert Professor Nicolaides at Kings College, London.

Through Katharina’s work across a number of European countries she has been able to gain an intimate knowledge of the British and German health systems and as well as this she is perfectly placed to consult and help both English-speaking and German-speaking patients due to her fluency in both languages.

Dr Schramm expertise helps to create a relaxing environment at MAS Gynaecology and we also feel it is of great benefit for our patients to have a choice between either a female or male gynaecologist.

Dr Katharina Schramm is resolutely committed to evidence-based practice and has expertise and experience in the following areas of special interest:

Ultrasound in Gynaecology
In gynaecology, ultrasound can be used in two different ways. An ultrasound probe is placed over a full bladder which acts as a window from which to perform assessments of the ovaries and to detect uterine fibroids. Another method is the transvaginal ultrasound which can similar detect issues with the uterus and ovaries, this technique is considered to be more accurate than the scans on a full bladder. Dr Schramm is highly experienced and qualified in this area.

Ultrasound in Obstetrics
When it comes to obstetrics, there are many uses of ultrasound. It can be used to determine things such as the presence, age and position of a fetus. It can also determine if there are multiple fetus present as well as assessing fetal growth and well-being and it can check for congenital abnormalities.

FMF and DEGUM I – Certified to perform Down’s risk screening.

Katharina is also qualified to perform well-woman checks, fertility care and early pregnancy scans. She is also adept in colposcopy and family planning.

  • First time…? Why is the first pregnancy ultrasound so special? – published in Baby Surrey Magazine, September/October 2014
  • Postnatal depression – published in Baby Surrey Magazine, January/February 2015
  • Conceiving after a miscarriage – published in Baby Surrey Magazine, March 2015
  • Abnormal smear test results – published by Dr Katharina Schramm MD
  • Female urinary incontinence is still an under reported problem – published by Dr Katharina Schramm MD

Dr Katharina’s consultation fee is currently £225.00. Please contact us by calling 0782 597 0530 to book a consultation with a private female gynaecologist.

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