London Female Gynaecologist

As well as providing specialist gynaecological procedures and care, MAS Gynaecology now offer the benefit of our patients being able to choose to see a private female gynaecologist in London.

It is our aim to create an environment which relaxes and calms the people who enter our Harley Street clinic. To do this we employ staff who are experts in their field and their vast amount of knowledge allows our patients to feel confident that they are in safe hands and will be throughout the entirety of their treatment.

Our London female gynaecologist is qualified in a number of fields related to gynaecology. Amongst these is the use of ultrasound in gynaecology and obstetrics and she is also certified to carry out well-woman checks, early pregnancy scans and fertility care.

We also offer a large variety of gynaecological treatments. Through one of our initial general diagnostic consultations, we determine the best course of treatment for the individual patient and this further adds to the personalised care and level of commitment we strive to provide our patients with.

The option of a female gynaecologist at MAS Gynaecology was a massive comfort! 

London Female Gynaecologist

Consultations are carried out by either our female gynaecologist in London or by our consultant gynaecologist Mr Mohammad Masood. We provide the option between the two as it is our understanding that some women would feel more at ease seeing a female gynaecologist than a male gynaecologist.

We believe the fact our patients can have a choice of doctor is a massive factor in how calming the environment we provide is.

When booking your consultation, through concise and clear communication we can determine who would be more suited for your consultation and this process is also applied to which gynaecological procedure you should undergo. Our gynaecologists, including our female gynaecologist in London, are well placed to perform an extensive range of surgeries and treatments.

Our consultations can diagnose countless issues which are listed below and can be treated by our London-based female gynaecologist. Also included are several surgeries and cosmetic gynaecology procedures that we also provide:

Female Gynaecologist London

Our team have more than 25 years of experience and over those years they have gained an immeasurable amount of knowledge and expertise. At our luxury Harley Street location in London, our patients can reap the benefit of numerous treatments all of which are performed by a qualified female gynaecologist and using only the most up to date technologies and modern techniques.

Thanks to our female gynaecologist, who is fluent in English and German and also has knowledge of French and Spanish, we are able to comfortably communicate and welcome through the MAS Gynaecology doors, a massive range of nationalities.

If you would like to book a consultation with a female gynaecologist, please contact us by calling 0782 597 0530. Alternatively, you can also send an email to Our experienced team will also be able to answer any questions and queries you have regarding our entire range of services.