Private Female Gynaecologist in London

MAS Gynaecology have a female gynaecologist at their Harley Street clinic in London. We understand the need to create an environment which is as calming and relaxing as possible for our patients which is why we have a female expert should patients prefer.

Our female gynaecologist provides discrete specialist care on several varied matters and is an expert when it comes to the use of ultrasound in gynaecology and obstetrics.

Treatments available at MAS include both gynaecological procedures and general diagnostic consultations. Every patient seen by our team at our London clinic will receive treatments determined as the best procedure for them to undergo. We pride ourselves on delivering personalised care and empowering you with the information to take control of your health.

Luxmi Velauthar

Consultant Gynaecologist

Here at MAS Gynaecology, we understand that some women would be more comfortable seeing a female gynaecologist than a male gynaecologist. Through clear and simple communication, we can determine the ideal doctor for you to see for both your initial assessments and consultations as well as for your treatment. Having a choice of doctor, we feel, adds to the calming feel at our gynaecology clinic in London.

The depth of expertise that our patients can call upon when seeing our team ranges from general gynaecological services to cosmetic gynaecology to general women’s health checks.

Our services can diagnose and treat the issues below. Also included are a number of surgeries and procedures we can perform:

Contact us by calling 0782 597 0530 to find out more information from our experienced team about the services we provide and to book a consultation with a private female gynaecologist!

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