Hysterectomy and Myomectomy

Uterine issues such as fibroids or uterine growths that can lead to infertility and – in some cases – greatly increase your risk of cancer. If you are experiencing these you may be considering hysterectomy or myomectomy surgery to resolve these conditions.

What is a Hysterectomy?

A hysterectomy is a gynaecological surgery which removes the uterus (womb). Following this operation you will no longer be able to conceive. Also, unless you have already been through the menopause then you will stop having periods too.

A hysterectomy treats more extreme cases of uterine polyps, which are growths on or along the lining of the womb. This can result in an overgrowth of cells in this area and although they are usually benign some can be cancerous, or at least become so over time. A hysterectomy is usually the last resort, but its one that can be used to treat a variety of things, not just uterine polyps.

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Conditions Treated with a Hysterectomy

Women have hysterectomies to combat conditions that affect their reproductive system, including:

  • pelvic pain or prolapses
  • heavy periods
  • fibroids
  • cancer of the fallopian tubes as well as ovarian, cervical or uterine cancer

Hysterectomies are a major surgery, with a lengthy recover time. First, less invasive treatments are usually performed before this operation takes place.

With hysterectomies at MAS Gynaecology, we will use laparoscopic treatments in order to reduce shock on the body when undergoing major surgery. This is to reduce recovery time and pain due to its less invasive nature.

What is a Myomectomy?

Myomectomy involves the surgical removal of fibroids or uterine growths from the uterus. Thus relieving discomfort and increasing the chances of conception. It can be considered as an alternate form of treatment to hysterectomy in the case that you may want to conceive after your treatment.

Your gynaecologist at MAS will decipher if a myomectomy is suitable for you based on a number of factors. These include the number of fibroids as well as their shape, size and how many there are. Myomectomies are performed under a general anaesthetic and keyhole surgery may need to be carried out depending on the position of the fibroids.

Like a hysterectomy, following a myomectomy, the recovery time is considered to be quite lengthy. Rest is advised for at least a couple of months.

MAS Gynaecology offers both hysterectomy and myomectomy procedures privately, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about either. And our professional team will be more than happy to discuss the matter in further detail.

Mr Mohammad Masood

Laparoscopic Surgeon - Mr Mohammed Masood

Mr Mohammed Masood is an expert gynaecologist, specialising in advanced endoscopic surgery, specialising in laparoscopic hysterectomy. 

The benefits of laparoscopic treatments mean that you can get back to normal life quicker than surgery through standard methods, as you should recover quickly. Not only this, you will be left with minimal scarring!

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