Undergoing surgery to repair the hymen is a procedure known as Hymenoplasty. At MAS Gynaecology many women have received this treatment at our private gynaecology clinic in London, a calming and discrete practice, with sensitive and relaxing staff.

We dedicate ourselves to providing specialist treatment for women and this form of cosmetic gynaecology is performed in a delicate manner to boost the morale of woman in need of hymen repair. Hymenoplasty reconstructs a torn hymen and it is a painless procedure that women undergo for various reasons.

Why Hymenoplasty?

The hymen is a thick membrane which encloses the vaginal opening and allows the discharge of menstrual blood – it is of both physical and psychological value to women. Through hymen reconstruction, a woman can benefit from restored virginity, although sexual activity may not always be the reason why the hymen is broken. Strenuous physical or athletic activities, such as horse riding or gymnastics, or the insertion of a tampon have also been known to cause the hymen to break.

Mr Mohammad Masood is our consultant gynaecologist who specialises in intricate and discrete gynaecological surgeries such as hymenoplasty and he has a vast amount of experience in these complex procedures. Because of this, each and every patient who undergoes this treatment can rest assured they are in safe hands at MAS.

Hymen Repair

MAS Gynaecology provided me with a relaxing environment throughout my entire treatment process!

Hymen Reconstruction

Hymenoplasty Procedure

The procedure itself will be decided depending on the size of the tear. If it is just the tissue edges that have slightly torn, then re-stitching is performed to allow the hymen to naturally heal. This, however, will not be possible if the hymen is fully torn. If that is the case then the torn, damaged membrane must be removed before a new hymen is constructed out of tissue in the vagina lip. This will emulate the hymen in its original, unbroken condition and will therefore bleed if torn again. A painless treatment, which normally only takes about an hour of surgery, it requires only one visit to MAS to complete.

Hymenoplasty Aftercare

Following the surgery, our dedicated, caring staff provide a wealth of aftercare information to ensure you are entirely at ease and in the best frame of mind during your recovering – which normally takes a minimum of two to four weeks. However, any swelling should subside within a few days. Resting and avoiding any strenuous activities will aid your recovery while we strongly advise the maintenance of high hygienic standards.

Hymenoplasty Candidates

Women with a hymen tear of any size are an ideal candidate for hymen reconstruction. Women may wish to have their hymen repaired for cultural or religious reasons, though the surgery is not appropriate or suitable for those who have experienced a vaginal birth.

It is sometimes possible for a woman to be unsure whether or not their hymen is actually torn and the best way to find out is to arrange a consultation with our experienced gynaecologists here at MAS Gynaecology. We can determine the severity of any tears and then put together an individual treatment plan for your hymen reconstruction.

To discuss hymenoplasty and to book a consultation at one of our several London MAS Gynaecology locations please contact us by calling 0782 597 0530 or by emailing us at fscott@masgynaecology.com. Our understanding and experienced staff will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you have regarding hymenoplasty.

Hymenoplasty London