Heavy Period Treatment

If you suffer from heavy periods, it’s very likely that you suffer in silence.

Heavy period treatment is still a highly delicate and difficult issue to talk about - and this often means that women go for years without seeking the help and medical attention that could make their quality of life so much better.

The causes of heavy periods are many and varied, but at MAS Gynaecology we have been treating them for decades. So, whether you know the cause of your significant bleeds (otherwise known as menorrhagia) and are now looking for relevant treatment, or you’re only just seeking help and diagnosis for the first time, going private with us can really take the stress out of your experience.

Our team will assist you from the start of your heavy period treatment to the finish, discreetly and sensitively handling all of your concerns and questions and ensuring complete transparency throughout, helping you to discover all the answers and head for recovery with confidence.

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