A hoodectomy, also known as a clitoral hood reduction, is a cosmetic treatment that reduces the amount of excess skin folds, or prepuce, in the clitoral hood. Normally performed alongside labiaplasty, a hoodectomy is an intricate procedure which is performed by MAS Gynaecology’s consultation gynaecologist Mr Masood.

You can rest assured knowing that all treatments at MAS take place in a calm, relaxing environment with each case treated in a highly delicate manner. From your first contact with us to the first time you walk through our doors, to the time your treatment is complete and you are fully recovered, we offer an unrivalled level of care and support to all our patients.

Benefits of Hoodectomy

There are several advantages of a hoodectomy. Aside from improving the general appearance of a woman’s genitals, it is always a positive to know that, recovery included, it is a relatively quick procedure.

The surgery only takes roughly half an hour and minor soreness or discomfort normally diminishes within a few days – even following the completion of your surgery, however, we provide professional, sensitive care to women who undergo a treatment.

Another benefit is a reduction in pain which may have been caused by the excess skin rubbing against a woman’s clothes. Once the surgery has taken place the likelihood of chafing and swelling is much less. This also allows women to feel less conscious when wearing tight-fitting clothing such as swimwear or gym clothing which therefore brings increased confidence that the patient may not have felt for a very long time.

Increased sexual function normally also occurs once a hoodectomy has been performed which can also contribute to the amount of confidence felt by the patient compared to before the underwent the surgery.

Hoodectomy Benefits

I wish I had contacted MAS Gynaecology much sooner regarding my Hoodectomy!

Hoodectomy Surgery

Hoodectomy Surgery

While quite a delicate procedure, a hoodectomy is still relatively straight forward. Carried out under a general anaesthetic, minor trimmings and incisions are made to the excess skins folds of the hood. This will achieve a neater look and generally improve the aesthetic appearance of the vagina – it can also reduce the likelihood of any infections as there is less skin fold for bacteria to remain in.

The surgical wounds should heal pretty quickly, though we still recommend taking on board all pre and post-operation advice given out by MAS professionals. We have a vast amount of experience in cosmetic gynaecology with our consultant gynaecologist Mr Masood have more than twenty years of knowledge and expertise to his name.

Normally between four and six weeks after surgery the patient can return to regular exercise and sexual activity and should be able to begin to wear tighter clothing more comfortably than immediately after surgery.

Every procedure which takes place at MAS Gynaecology is performed by an experienced, qualified gynaecologist. You undergo surgery in a tranquil, peaceful environment and we always discuss in detail the procedure you are about to receive to make sure it is the right one for you.

Everything is handled with sensitivity and in a straightforward manner. For those women who would feel more at ease talking to another woman, we offer the services of our own private female gynaecologist.

If you would like to learn more about receiving a hoodectomy or want to discuss any of the services we provide then you can get in touch with our team by calling 0782 597 0530 or by visiting our contact page. The best course of action to start off any treatment with us is to book an initial common consultation. You can also reach out to our helpful team via email at fscott@masgynaecology.com.

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