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It’s something that isn’t often talked about, and yet it affects millions of women across the world. Whether the struggle is physical or mental, a great many people find themselves in great discomfort when it comes to their personal feminine physiology.

As it is a rather taboo subject, it is common for sufferers to believe that they must live with their problems for the rest of their lives – and yet it is entirely possible for to undergo cosmetic gynaecology to relieve the issues, therefore allowing for a more comfortable and confident experience. Please note that surgery is only performed if medically indicated either by physical deformity or significant psychological morbidity.

The labia, in particular, can be the subject of a great deal of dissatisfaction. If it is misshapen or asymmetrical, some women find themselves self-conscious about its appearance during intimacy. If it is oversized, it can affect sexual stimulation and pleasure but can also have adverse effects on personal health and hygiene, as it can harbour bacteria – therefore causing and exacerbating infections. An oversized labia may also become irritated or inflamed during exercise such as walking or cycling. It can also cause an embarrassing bulge in particular types of clothing.

However, there is a simple resolution to such problems. A particular type of cosmetic gynaecology surgery known as “labiaplasty” is becoming steadily more popular year on year, as more and more women decide to take charge of their own sexual health and wellbeing.

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“Having a Labiaplasty was the best decision I’ve ever made! It has made me feel so much more confident about myself which has had a very positive effect on my life and relationship”

Seeing a Gynaecologist

So what is labiaplasty?

The simple answer is that it involves the surgical sculpting of the labia minora (inner labia) and labia majora (outer labia) for an attractive and healthy result. It is a short surgery, which after the initial consultation should only take between one and two hours.

Does labiaplasty hurt?

The operation itself is performed under anaesthetic, so should be completely painless.

What is labiaplasty recovery like?

After the anaesthetic wears off, there may be minor to moderate discomfort that can be minimized through painkillers and the application of ice packs. Swelling is very likely and is nothing to be concerned about, but loose clothing and comfortable underwear must be worn to reduce its effects.

The pain and swelling should gradually decrease over the coming days, but you can expect to experience a little soreness for a few weeks following. It is vital that patients adhere to the advice of their individual surgeon throughout the recovery period.

After six weeks – during which you should avoid vigorous exercise, intercourse, the use of tampon and hot baths – your labiaplasty stitches should naturally dissolve. It is at this point that you should meet with your gynaecologist so that they may ensure that your recovery has gone smoothly and that you have healed effectively

So why get labiaplasty?

As explained at the start, there are many reasons why an individual may opt for labiaplasty, but every reason leads to an improved quality of life and an increased sense of freedom. If you’re exploring the possibility of undergoing labiaplasty, simply get in touch with the specialists at MAS Gynaecology today on 0782 597 0530.