At MAS Gynaecology we offer a selection of vaginal rejuvenation treatments which provide a range a benefits to women with a variety of needs and reasons behind their decision to undergo the procedures. There are many benefits to the procedures performed by our highly-qualified, professional private gynaecologists in London. Check them out below!

Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures

The needs of each woman looking for vaginal rejuvenation is different, which is why we have a wide range of treatments for our patients to choose from depending on their individual circumstances.

We offer the following procedures which produce results vaginal rejuvenation:

Some of these treatments can be combined so that women can experience an enhanced result compared to undergoing just one treatment. Reasons to undergo these surgeries can be varied with women experiencing both physical and psychological improvements once the vaginal rejuvenation procedure is complete.

I experienced a variety of vaginal rejuvenation benefits thanks to MAS Gynaecology! 

Non-Invasive Treatments

While many of the treatments we offer achieve vaginal rejuvenation through intricate, delicate surgeries we are aware that some women prefer to undergo non-invasive procedures. THERMIva is a treatment that falls into this category. Due to technological advances and a state-of-the-art temperature-controlled radio frequency system we can deliver the required results without the patient having to undergo surgery.

Benefits to non-invasive treatments are that there is no downtime and the general treatment time is considerably less than those which require the patient to be placed under a local or general anaesthetic prior to the surgical procedure. Non-surgical treatments achieve vaginal rejuvenation by promoting the stimulation of collagen within muscle and skin tissues.

Choice of Gynaecologists

We understand that providing a choice of gynaecologist helps to add to our already calming, discrete and sensitive environment here at MAS Gynaecology. We know that some women will prefer to have the choice of a female gynaecologist, who they may feel most comfortable with.

At MAS Gynaecology we have both our consultant private gynaecologist Mr Mohammad Masood and our private female gynaecologist, who are available to perform rejuvenation procedures. Given the nature of the treatments we fully understand how some women are more comfortable receiving treatment from another female.

Visual and Medical Improvements

Vaginal rejuvenation can mean different things. Women can rejuvenate both the way their vagina looks and feels as well as the way it functions. Not only can the treatments we offer improve the general aesthetics and symmetry of the way the vagina looks but our services can also provide improvements in the following medical, psychological and functional areas too.

Hymenoplasty – The surgical repair of the hymen.

At MAS Gynaecology, we specialise in providing treatment for particularly sensitive issues, including those which patients may feel are relatively embarrassing. Rather than hymenoplasty being a taboo, we make sure that all patients are provided with effective treatment to boost their morale, catering for their specific requirements.

We carry out hymenoplasty at our Gynaecology clinic to reconstruct torn hymen and restore virginity. The procedure is simple; any torn edges are removed painlessly, and the hymen is sewn up to improve the look and feel of the broken membrane.

After speaking to Mr Masood and his team, I was put at ease knowing that his expertise meant that I would be treated with discretion, professionalism and respect during the whole process

Is Hymenoplasty Safe?

Specialising in cosmetic gynaecology, we have developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise for which procedures work best, but is it safe? Hymenoplasty is a relatively safe cosmetic gynaecology procedure that we provide at MAS Gynaecology, providing minimal risks and side effects.

As with any surgical procedures, patients can expect to experience tenderness after treatment, but the procedure itself, carried out by our professional Gynaecologists, is considered to be painless.

What about Hymenoplasty Aftercare?

Hymenoplasty will make a significant improvement to the look and feel of your vagina, however, you’ll need to adjust your lifestyle in order to maintain the best results from hymenoplasty London.

During your hymenoplasty recovery, you may experience bleeding, this is not unusual as it is often one of the side effects of undergoing cosmetic gynaecology surgery- if you have any concerns regarding prolonged bleeding, get in touch with us!

Here at MAS Gynaecology, you can expect to receive the best quality of care, we will even inform you of the precautions after hymenoplasty, ensuring that your treatment provides the best results possible.

Our surgical procedures are all carried out by Mr Mohammad Masood, cosmetic consultant Gynaecologist. He takes a holistic approach to all procedures, providing each patient with his undivided attention.

Going Forward

Undoubtedly, the hymen will take time to heal, approximately 4-6 weeks after hymenoplasty surgery, we suggest rest and relaxation until you recover- so be sure to put your feet up and abstain from any physical activity.

MAS Gynaecology can provide you with any information that you require regarding recovery. 24 hours after treatment you’ll be able to shower- we recommend maintaining high hygienic standards as part of your aftercare!

You’ll need to carefully clean the surgical wound to ensure it heals, preventing the risk of infections.

Many people worry about visiting health specialists for various reasons, but one of the most feared is the gynaecologist. It’s understandable, as the majority of cultures consider showing what we deem our “private parts” to a stranger totally wrong and very exposing – plus, visits to a gynaecologist are usually for reasons connected to major life-affecting factors, be it fertility or the fundamental health of our bodies.

The team at MAS Gynaecology have heard every reason, and we’re here to explain why there’s nothing to fear in a trip to the gynaecologist, and how it’s actually one of the best things you can do for your own health and wellbeing.

I used to be terrified of seeing my gynaecologist – but the team at MAS helped me overcome my fear of the gynaecologist! It feels great to know that I’m safe and healthy

It is vital for your future health

Whether you have questions about your fertility as you plan a pregnancy, you have concerns about your personal health, or you’re just attending for your regular smear, your future may depend on a visit to the gynaecologist. Putting off a visit may delay – or even prevent – successful conception, as specialists will be able to give you valuable advice. In extreme cases, skipping your smear may have very serious results.

You can always change YOUR GYNAECOLOGIST

If the reason you’re worried is because you’ve had problems during a gynaecological exam before, think about what they were. Did your smear test hurt? This should never be the case, aside from the smallest of twinges. Did you feel you’d prefer a doctor with a different attitude? That shouldn’t put you off such an important appointment. If your problem is with your gynaecologist as an individual, you should consider looking around for somewhere new that will better suit your needs and put you at ease.

If there’s something wrong, you need to know

One excuse for failing to visit the gynaecologist – particularly for a smear – is fear of the unknown. If you’re worried about issues such as cervical cancer, it can be very easy to bury your head in the sand and stop thinking about it. However, if there is an abnormality that you don’t know about, catching it too late is a very real risk that will certainly see you regretting skipping that appointment.

You should always be able to feel relaxed and confident about attending your gynaecologist. At MAS Gynaecology, we are committed care, compassion and an extremely high quality of service. If you’re interested in discussing your needs and concerns with a member of our team, simply get in touch using the confidential contact form on our website today, and we’ll be more than happy to help you.