You may have heard of a game changing treatment that is taking the world of cosmetic gynaecology by storm. It’s called THERMIva, and it has already altered the lives of many women for the better. If you’re considering cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of your intimate area or to cure any physical issues you have been suffering, you may not have considered this highly effective alternative. Haven’t heard of THERMIva and its potentially life changing effects? Read on to find out more about the treatment and discover how it might just be the answer you are looking for!

What is THERMIva?

This process is a non-surgical treatment that works like a charm. THERMIva rejuvenation results in the tightening of the vaginal area.

What is THERMIva used for?

As just mentioned, THERMIva is primarily used to tighten and rejuvenate the vagina. However, its results can go even further: counteracting vaginal dryness, improving orgasmic function and even helping to combat mild to moderate incontinence are all part and parcel of what can be achieved. THERMIva was created to improve women’s lives, in terms of both sexual and general health.

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How does THERMIva work?

Concentrated heat energy is applied to the desired area by a specially trained gynaecologist, stimulating the production of new collagen and giving the effects of existing collagen a boost. Collagen is a major structural protein within our bodies, and to assist in its production means to improve the elasticity and integrity of the skin. There is no scalpel or “THERMIva laser”, just a temperature controlled radio frequency system used to create the heat any needed to prompt collagen production.

What are the risks?

The use of heat energy may call to mind the possibility of burns, but THERMIva is, in fact, an exceptionally low risk treatment, with no major incidents or problems being reported. It’s a comfort to know that the life changing procedure you are considering is also very safe.

THERMIva does not involve surgery, and you will not need stitches afterwards. No “down time” is necessary, so you can continue with your daily life with the knowledge that you have been rejuvenated.

MAS Gynaecology is one of a number of centres in the UK that offer this groundbreaking non-surgical treatment, so if you are interested in discovering how THERMIva could make a difference to your life, simply contact us today on 0782 597 0530 to discuss your requirements and queries or to arrange an initial consultation. The practice’s opening hours are 9am until 5pm from Monday to Friday.

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