Urogynaegology and female incontinence is a highly personal and delicate issue that can often prove very difficult to discuss. Whether your problems are caused by an overactive bladder or a prolapsed uterus, bladder or pelvic floor, surgery and treatment is easily and readily available from the team at MAS.

No one should be forced to put up with their lifestyle being constantly interrupted by problems arising from their personal health concerns. If you’re looking for weak bladder treatment or have general issues with urinary incontinence, arranging private gynaecology care is definitely the best way to move forward and take control of your life.

The consultant gynaecologist at MAS has over 25 years of experience within the field, and specialises as a pioneer in Thermiva - the science of using Radiofrequency and heat treatment in order to rejuvenate organ tissues - a technique that has proved revolutionary in the treatment of female incontinence.

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