As we enter an age of female empowerment, we move away from the dark place where women feel insecure about their bodies, looking for the praise of men to reassure them, and to a place where as women, we can feel confident about our bodies and empowered to do with them as we wish, and choosing to undertake an elective cosmetic gynaecology procedure is just one of those ways we can look after our bodies and make it look and feel the way we want it to, boosting our physical, mental and sexual health.

You may have heard terms such as “labiaplasty” in passing – but what do they actually mean? It might be surprising to hear, but there are a number of procedures available that might just revolutionise your life tremendously. Below, we explore a number of these treatments and take a look at the potential benefits they can provide to your mind and body on a daily basis.

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Labiaplasty & Hoodectomy

We’ll start with possibly the most famous. The labia and clitoral hood are common aspects of the female body that we can feel unhappy with, due to the size of the labia minora or clitoral hood women can often feel both physical and emotional discomfort. A labiaplasty in simple terms is a minor procedure which is performed to reduce the flaps of skin (labia minora) which cover either side of the vaginal opening, while a hoodectomy or clitoral hood reduction, is a procedure commonly performed alongside a labiaplasty, helping to reduce excess folds within the prepuce.  By reducing the size of both labia and clitoral hood we can feel both physical and mental relief:

  1. Large labias and clitoral hoods can often cause physical discomfort during intercourse or during everyday activities from exercise to simply sitting at work or walking around the shops. This is due to the rubbing of the labia or clitoral hood against your partner during intercourse or against your clothing. This rubbing though often manageable at first can cause serious chaffing and swelling of the area, causing further rubbing and increasing the discomfort felt. Both labiaplasty and hoodectomy procedures can reduce the rubbing occurring at those areas by reducing the size of both the labia and clitoral hood, this can also in some case enhance sexual pleasure, as the clitoris is more accessible.
  2. As is the female clothing marketplace, many clothes are tight fitting especially those used for physical activity, such as gym and swimwear, though work uniforms can often also be rather tight to ensure safety, with limited material that can get trapped in machinery etc. But women with large labias and clitoral hoods can feel self-conscious in such clothing as they can fall foul of the often referred to in millennial culture, “camel toe”. Here the undergoing of a labiaplasty or hoodectomy can help boost a woman’s self-esteem both privately and professionally.


Hymenoplasty also referred to as a Hyman Repair, is the procedure used to reconstruct the Hyman after it has been torn. The Hyman, a thick membrane which covers the vaginal opening from the urethral orifice dorsally, is most commonly torn during intercourse, though other impacts can cause it to be torn also. The Hymenoplastyprocedure is simple and delicate, in most cases achieved by suturing the edges of the Hymen which promotes healing, or by creating a new Hymen using tissue from the vaginal lips. Hymen Repair offers a number of benefits:

  1. The main function of the Hymen is to protect the entrance to the vaginal canal from dirt and microorganisms which can get into the vagina and cause infections such as a vaginal yeast infection. Repair of the Hymen can help prevent such external bodies from entering the vaginal canal and causing infections.
  2. Sexual assault is an extremely traumatic event, which in almost all cases leaves women feeling a loss of control over their lives and their body. Here a Hymen Repair can help to provide a woman who has suffered a sexual assault to regain some form of control over their body and their sexual health, whether the Hymen was torn during the assault or not, a hymenoplasty can provide some form of recovery from such an event. We advise speaking with a counsellor or therapist before such treatment.

Vaginoplasty or Vaginal Tightening

As we age, and most commonly after childbirth, the muscle walls of the vaginal canal can become loose, stretched and discoloured, often leaving us feeling uncomfortable both physically and mentally, but a vaginoplasty procedure works to tighten and rejuvenate the vaginal muscles providing benefits to our physical, mental and sexual health.

  1. Tightening the vaginal wall can restore control and structure, which is often lost through childbirth, reducing pain and discomfort that may be felt due to weakness in the muscle walls, as well as reducing the chance of disorders such as urinary incontinence.
  2. Furthermore, tightening the muscles of the vaginal canal can increase the sexual pleasure felt by both partners due to the strengthening of the muscle wall, here after such a procedure, Kegel exercises are also recommended to continue to enhance the strength of the muscle wall and reduce the loosening of the vaginal canal over time.
  3. The sex organs of both men and women are closely related to our own self-confidence, and when we feel discomfort or are unhappy with the appearance of our sexual organs it can often lead to a decrease in our confidence, not only sexually but in everyday life. So, with a vaginoplasty we can improve our confidence by reducing any discomfort we may feel due to weakness in our vaginal muscles as well as rejuvenating the appearance of the vagina.
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So, there you have seven amazing physical, mental and sexual health benefits that cosmetic gynaecology can provide, which make a compelling reason why you should consider cosmetic gynaecology, and the specialists at MAS Gynaecology are highly qualified and superbly experienced in offering sensitive, straightforward, professional care. If you are interested in discussing a particular procedure, or simply wish to know what can be done to solve a gynaecological issue you may have, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 0782 597 0530.